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Why is my tracking code not working? Tracking number typically takes 5-10 days to activate after your order is shipped. Make sure to check back closer to the estimated delivery dates!

Where is my tracking code? I didnt recieve one? We do not provide tracking codes when item orders are less than 3 units per order, however, if you dont recieve your pacakge within 15-27 days after shipment, we will provide your tracking code to you to verify status of your order.

Where is the rest of my order? You will recieve multiple packages, especially if you ordered less than 3 units per item!
We split your orders to keep each order under 4kg to provide you with the lowest shipping cost and little to no customsfees.

How long does it take to recieve my orders?

Estimated Fulfillment Time (Processing Time + Shipping Time: 15-27 days)

Processing Time: 3-7 days

Shipping Time: 12-27 days *Note: May take longer during holidays and severe bad weather

If after 27 days you have not received your items contact us at to recieve the items tracking code or refund.

Missing packages We have tracking codes internally, if packages go missing we can easily track usually via USPS, Fedex and DHL.

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